Meon Springs

Meon Springs is one of Hampshire’s finest fly fisheries. Nestled in the South Downs National Park just five minute’s drive from West Meon, its four spring-fed lakes with over four acres of water have been attracting anglers for some 30 years providing great sport for novices and expert anglers alike.

You can fish at Meon Springs all year round. Two of the lakes – Whitewool and Coombe – are catch and keep and are stocked with sizeable, good fighting rainbow trout. Another two lakes provide catch and release fly fishing targeting mostly brown trout.

If you’re new to fly fishing, their instructors can be booked to introduce you to this engrossing sport or improve your existing skills.

If you’re just going fishing you don’t need to book in advance. That said, it’s always worth checking in advance that there aren’t any corporate events on. If you want tuition, you’ll need to book in advance. All the information you need is available at fishing